Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines and Bootcamp

Bootcamp was ok this morning.  Even though it was only the same guy, I realized that it's enjoyable to train him as I can use him a puppet to try new moves.  Better to test something on someone first like that that to introduce it into a class envorinment full of people.

Speaking of, my bootcamp class at the bigger gym is starting to pick up.  I had about 8 people show up this past Saturday and everyone keeps saying that they love it.  Though management is getting on my case about non session hours.  It's cool, I said that I just want to to do it to create a positive experience for the members.  Plus it should help to increase revenue.

That's the thing about working for a major gym. It's all about the money to them.  Now, I understand that business is business, and I love to get paid like everyone else, but damn I love my job.  I wish that I could do it for free because I would.  Unfortunately, that is not the reality of things and we must do what we must to survive.

Maybe I should pick up a real job during the day, so I can have that steady income, plus the extra income as a personal trainer.  A lot of trainers do that, but I really wanted to go full time.  I guess that what is what I will be doing.  I have no idea what yet.  I've thought about doing security in the weekend evenings at a club or something, but I all ready work Saturday mornings as it is.  I can't be staying out partying late.

I think I may have to stop teaching the 8 AM bootcamp on saturday mornings, but man I want the extra income lol. Besides, I really like the experience.  So far I have received nothing but positive comments about my bootcamp class and people are all saying that that class is going to be the best and hardest at the gym.

I like that =D

Had a guy come into the gym today at 9:25 AM for his 9:00 AM appointment.  He didn't have his lock for a locker, came in wearing slippers and socks, and didn't have a care in the world.  I quickly sat him down at a desk and told him that I wasn't going to train him.  He would be wasting his money if I charge him for a 25 min sessions.  This guy was my age and was morbidly obese.  His sister had bought him the membership and the training.  I had to remind him of that and let him know that this wasn't a game anymore.  His health was at risk.  I reminded him not to mistake my kindess for weakness.  We may be all cracking jokes and having a good time, but I was NOT his workout buddy.  I am his Personal Trainer and I am here to get him results.  I told him to take this shit seriously because his life depended on it.

Either way I made him ride the bike for 30 min and practice what I had taught him on the machine weights.

PS Happy Valentines Day


  1. it's hard to get results if the person doesn't want to do it either

  2. His sister gave it to him as a gift? Hey, very it's thoughtful.

  3. It amazes me how many people will go to such great lengths to lose weight except actually working out. If they put 10% of the effort into actual excercise that they put in to fad diets, pills, and "diet" cola they wouldn't have any problems. Parking on the back end of a parking lot every time you go out alone so you have to walk further to the store can make a huge difference for some people.

  4. good luck deciding what to do with your career! :D

  5. @Thugs... Yea I agree it can be hard, but that's where I gotta work in my Psych degree lol

    @Valentin... no lol

    @Chris... Yea dude, he really needed it. Dude was about 350

    @Jay... couldn't have said it better

    @Mac... thanks! =D

  6. Ever see Full Metal Jacket? Are the drill sargents that bad?

    Going to follow you :)