Saturday, February 12, 2011

Interesting Saturday thus far...

I find myself at the brink of a very interesting Saturday evening.

Turns out that my buddy who came in from out of town decided to hang out with the wife today.  That's cool.

Except they were about to get divorced over the fact that she was being shady.

Well, I guess I would call him a fool for doing that and I think that the logical side says that he is being shady, but there are times when I know I would have acted the same way as well.  It is speaking from the heart and doing what your heart tells you.  This can determine how we act and can be a very strong motivator.

Regardless, who am I to talk?  The woman I am seeing was caught lying to me about talking to her ex.  This was not the first time it happened and more than anything I was upset that she broke a promise.

Yet here I am pondering about taking her back. It eats at me everyday and I want to do it, but there is a voice that screams at me not to.  I guess this is one of those decisions we have to do in life.

Regardless I somehow always find a way to end up in some sort of adventure.  I was invited out to Downtown (Insert major city name here) with another girl.  I girl I met at the gym last week, she attended my bootcamp class.

I had pulled her off the dreadmill and invited her to partake in my class that was about to begin.  I promised her it would be hard and that she would hate me while doing it, but she still agreed.

She had, from what I recall, an amazing smile. She was extremely cute and more than anything her workout ethic turned me on very much so.  She wasn't very strong, but she toughed out the workout like none other and did amazing in it.

At the end of the class she wrote down her cell number on the sign in sheet.  I would be lying if I didn't tell you I was tempted to call but opted not too.  I knew I would see her again, it was just a matter of patience.

Sure enough she came in today.

I forgot what I said when I approached but it ended up in use exchanging numbers and throwing out the idea of meeting up with friends.

Now I am being asked out on a date.

On the eve before Valentines! Yes, I am aware of the actual date.


Anyway, I still haven't decided if I am going or not.

I guess I will find out in a few minutes and everyone else tomorrow.

Good night everyone!