Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Battle of Iwo Jima

Today in 1945, five Marines and a U.S. Navy Corpsman raised an American flag at the summit of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima after four days of some of the most intense fighting of WWII. The photo of this moment is one of the most memorable images of the war and served as the basis for the Marine Corps War Memorial.

I think the reality of it hit me today...

I broke up with my girlfriend on Saturday.

I know I know.  I wasn't going to post anything really personal.  I guess it's just something that I needed to do.  It's distracting me at work.  It doesn't help that my client this morning was wearing the exact same perfume I had just bought my ex for her birthday.

I had taken things in stride the first few days.  My Saturday evening was spent at home alone locked in my room.  All my plans had been cancelled for the evening and as I perused my phone surrounded in a haze I realized that I needed to be alone.

Work kept me busy the first few days thereafter but for some reason it all came back since last night.  Perhaps it was the stress of the day and the stress of work and other things going on. I felt as if I needed someone there with me.  Life has a way of hitting so strong and not letting up on you when you least needed.  It would have been nice to have had someone in my corner last night, but I didn't.

I tried to go on a "date" with this girl but that was miserable.  No amount of cuteness was comparable to the connection I had with this woman.

I know that time heals all and I know that is what I need, but I would have hoped that I would have been able to overcome this easier.  I guess the heart knows when and how long it will take.

Now I don't pay much attention to horoscopes.  I used to when I was younger.  Matter of fact I used to think I was psychic....maybe I am?

But I digress. That is a different story for another day.  It was just quaint that I opened up my main log in page and I see this:

        "It's usually challenging to slow down enough to explore your feelings, for you often are on to the next thing before you are finished processing the past. However, your key planet Mars is in directionless Pisces now, so you aren't as anxious to go anywhere at all. Luxuriate in the present moment; allow time to wash away any desire you might have to move on right away. You might even enjoy yourself once you get the hang of it."

I Think that is pretty fitting for the occasion.

I guess I do need to take time for myself and indulge myself for a little bit.  Work doesn't really allow me to at the moment, but I think it's time I take a few days off and maybe take a little trip somewhere.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Saturday

So I haven't updated this thing in a few days, and for that I apologize.

I  have been so busy with work and personal matters that I had no motivation to write for a while.  It sucks to not write when it's on your mind all the time.

Anyway, I digress.

The week was interesting at work.  All of my clients have been making performance and they have been happy and getting the results they want.  It really annoyed me the other day when one of my clients purchased 10 sessions only to ask for a refund the next day.  Not because she didn't like me, but because she checked her account and had no money.

That's fine, if you don't have the funds that's o.k; however, you should not commit to something ahead of time if you know that you do not have the funds.

Sorry people, but don't confuse my kindness for weakness.  I love my job and I love helping people, but the bottom line is that this is a business.  We gotta get paid and put food on the table as well.

My bootcamp classes are getting better every day as I am getting more experience.   I am actually quite proud of my classes because It has taken me a while to get them as good as they are now.  Designing a class is not an easy task lol.

I seem to be gathering a small following at the gym that I train at.  It's a pretty interesting feeling to have random people approach me at the gym and ask me about the class or just to talk for a lil bit haha.

Well, it's Saturday night and the mood is rainy.

That still doesn't deter me from headed out.  I need this night out.

Broke up with the G/F and work was hectic this week.
I guess I would elaborate more on the G/F situation, but really what for?

I don't want to make this a personal blog, well not TOO personal, and I don't feel it's necessary.

I will say this.

Love has an interesting effect on people and can make them behave in different ways than normal.

I have learned from this relationship.  I have grown into a more mature man.  I know how to treat a relationship better and I know what I want in a woman.  Before, I never wanted to get married, now I see that it can be nice.  Guess we just gotta have the right person.  Trust is what holds a relationship together.  It's not the I love you's or the dates and hugs and flowers, it's trust.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines and Bootcamp

Bootcamp was ok this morning.  Even though it was only the same guy, I realized that it's enjoyable to train him as I can use him a puppet to try new moves.  Better to test something on someone first like that that to introduce it into a class envorinment full of people.

Speaking of, my bootcamp class at the bigger gym is starting to pick up.  I had about 8 people show up this past Saturday and everyone keeps saying that they love it.  Though management is getting on my case about non session hours.  It's cool, I said that I just want to to do it to create a positive experience for the members.  Plus it should help to increase revenue.

That's the thing about working for a major gym. It's all about the money to them.  Now, I understand that business is business, and I love to get paid like everyone else, but damn I love my job.  I wish that I could do it for free because I would.  Unfortunately, that is not the reality of things and we must do what we must to survive.

Maybe I should pick up a real job during the day, so I can have that steady income, plus the extra income as a personal trainer.  A lot of trainers do that, but I really wanted to go full time.  I guess that what is what I will be doing.  I have no idea what yet.  I've thought about doing security in the weekend evenings at a club or something, but I all ready work Saturday mornings as it is.  I can't be staying out partying late.

I think I may have to stop teaching the 8 AM bootcamp on saturday mornings, but man I want the extra income lol. Besides, I really like the experience.  So far I have received nothing but positive comments about my bootcamp class and people are all saying that that class is going to be the best and hardest at the gym.

I like that =D

Had a guy come into the gym today at 9:25 AM for his 9:00 AM appointment.  He didn't have his lock for a locker, came in wearing slippers and socks, and didn't have a care in the world.  I quickly sat him down at a desk and told him that I wasn't going to train him.  He would be wasting his money if I charge him for a 25 min sessions.  This guy was my age and was morbidly obese.  His sister had bought him the membership and the training.  I had to remind him of that and let him know that this wasn't a game anymore.  His health was at risk.  I reminded him not to mistake my kindess for weakness.  We may be all cracking jokes and having a good time, but I was NOT his workout buddy.  I am his Personal Trainer and I am here to get him results.  I told him to take this shit seriously because his life depended on it.

Either way I made him ride the bike for 30 min and practice what I had taught him on the machine weights.

PS Happy Valentines Day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Interesting Saturday thus far...

I find myself at the brink of a very interesting Saturday evening.

Turns out that my buddy who came in from out of town decided to hang out with the wife today.  That's cool.

Except they were about to get divorced over the fact that she was being shady.

Well, I guess I would call him a fool for doing that and I think that the logical side says that he is being shady, but there are times when I know I would have acted the same way as well.  It is speaking from the heart and doing what your heart tells you.  This can determine how we act and can be a very strong motivator.

Regardless, who am I to talk?  The woman I am seeing was caught lying to me about talking to her ex.  This was not the first time it happened and more than anything I was upset that she broke a promise.

Yet here I am pondering about taking her back. It eats at me everyday and I want to do it, but there is a voice that screams at me not to.  I guess this is one of those decisions we have to do in life.

Regardless I somehow always find a way to end up in some sort of adventure.  I was invited out to Downtown (Insert major city name here) with another girl.  I girl I met at the gym last week, she attended my bootcamp class.

I had pulled her off the dreadmill and invited her to partake in my class that was about to begin.  I promised her it would be hard and that she would hate me while doing it, but she still agreed.

She had, from what I recall, an amazing smile. She was extremely cute and more than anything her workout ethic turned me on very much so.  She wasn't very strong, but she toughed out the workout like none other and did amazing in it.

At the end of the class she wrote down her cell number on the sign in sheet.  I would be lying if I didn't tell you I was tempted to call but opted not too.  I knew I would see her again, it was just a matter of patience.

Sure enough she came in today.

I forgot what I said when I approached but it ended up in use exchanging numbers and throwing out the idea of meeting up with friends.

Now I am being asked out on a date.

On the eve before Valentines! Yes, I am aware of the actual date.


Anyway, I still haven't decided if I am going or not.

I guess I will find out in a few minutes and everyone else tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays are supposed to be my short days

I work a lot.

I think I am a work a holic.  Not really sure since this is all that I have known to do.  I always saw my dad working and my mom as well so I always figured it was normal.

But still.

I work a lot.

I usually work six days a week and I usually get off at 12 on Fridays.  I ended up getting off work at 5PM.

It wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for the fact that I had to teach a bootcamp class this morning at 5:30 AM.

It wasn't really worth it because only one person showed up.  It's ok, I still get paid my normal rate as if it was a full class.  Hell, I still get paid even if nobody shows up!  Though now this one guy decided to attend all of my morning classes.  It's fun, but the energy is not the same when there is only one person in the class.

Saturday mornings I teach an 11 AM class at another location.  I get paid less there and more people show up, since the class is free at this gym.

I love it though.  I love the energy.  I love seeing people's face of accomplishment when they are able to accomplish an exercise that they had not been able to do before or thought that they couldn't do before.

 Anyway, this morning was supposed to be a good morning but I got double booked, one person didn't show up, another showed up late, and then I had..... Ugh, I wish I could post his real name.

I promised myself that I would never use real names, but needless to say his name was VERY unique and interesting.  Maybe ill post it up somewhere.

This guy shows up and asks some information about the various protein drinks we carry in the gym and what he should get.  This guy has had multiple injuries from working out improperly and so he wanted to get a drink to fix that problem.

It wasn't the drink that was the problem.  This guy seemed to be on a path towards self destruction instead of self improvement.

So I sold him some training, or so I thought I did.

Come time for him to pay, his card had insufficient funds.  Fail.

But it happens.

If I could train for free, I would, but I can't.  I have bills to feed and mouths to feed.

Mid day I enjoyed my workout and the eye candy at the gym and was forced to wait till 4 for a client that showed up late.

Interesting woman who behaved as if she was in charge of everything.  Didn't surprise me one bit when she was so submissive on the gym floor. I think I have figured out women like that.  They act as if they are in charge of the world and are so used to thier AFC boyfriends/husbands.

It sucks for the guys because these are usually the nice guys.  But they allow these women to control them a lot that they become nothing but a broken shell of a man who is a shadow of his former self at times.

Hell this woman was not even in a relationship, in her thirties, and not that unattractive.  I can almost smell a breakup/divorce story coming from her soon.

Well It's time for me to get off this, I appreciate the early comments you guys gave me.  I am still new to this blogging thing and I still don't know how to work it a lot but I will find out in due time.

Time to prepare for another busy day in the morning.

4 clients and 2 bootcamp classes.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first post in My Personal Trainer Blog

I am a Personal Trainer.

I have been one for a few years and I have had some really interesting experiences along the way.

I am not a writer, though I thought I wanted to be when I was younger.  I figured that I had something in my skills of writing, but apparently I don't.

Or rather, I don't know.  I stopped writing a long time ago.  The Marine Corp saw me going far away and my mind was elsewhere.

Oh yea, I am also a Marine.

I left active duty in 2006.  I served 4 years and those were the most amazing years of my life.  I loved the Marine Corp. I hate the Marine Corp.  I think every Marine does.  At least all the one's I've met.

After I got out I started to put the GI Bill to use and went to College

Oh yea, I am also (recently) a college graduate.

College was interesting for me.  I was amongst the first group of Veterans from this war that attended college.  It was interesting going to college as one of the only Veterans in my class and on campus.  As the wars continued and more Veterans left service and attended college, I watched the Veterans groups on campus grow and expand.

I was on my way out.  No point in becoming a super senior.

But I digress.

I am a Personal Trainer This blog is about that.

No I am not here to give you fitness advice.  Though that may happen from time to time.
I do not want to sell you anything, but if you want personal training I may not turn that down.

I am here to record my journey.

I am here to put my my everyday stories and random shit that happens throughout the day.


What makes me special?  Honestly, nothing.  I just want to rekindle the flame I had as a young writer.

I wanted to leave a mark.  Who knows?  Maybe fifty years from now when my grandkids stumble upon this site they will know who their grandpa was and say, "Hey, that guy was pretty cool." Or "Man that guy was crazy."

Either way, It's ok.  If you decide to read this.  Thank you and feel free to say hi =)