Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think the reality of it hit me today...

I broke up with my girlfriend on Saturday.

I know I know.  I wasn't going to post anything really personal.  I guess it's just something that I needed to do.  It's distracting me at work.  It doesn't help that my client this morning was wearing the exact same perfume I had just bought my ex for her birthday.

I had taken things in stride the first few days.  My Saturday evening was spent at home alone locked in my room.  All my plans had been cancelled for the evening and as I perused my phone surrounded in a haze I realized that I needed to be alone.

Work kept me busy the first few days thereafter but for some reason it all came back since last night.  Perhaps it was the stress of the day and the stress of work and other things going on. I felt as if I needed someone there with me.  Life has a way of hitting so strong and not letting up on you when you least needed.  It would have been nice to have had someone in my corner last night, but I didn't.

I tried to go on a "date" with this girl but that was miserable.  No amount of cuteness was comparable to the connection I had with this woman.

I know that time heals all and I know that is what I need, but I would have hoped that I would have been able to overcome this easier.  I guess the heart knows when and how long it will take.

Now I don't pay much attention to horoscopes.  I used to when I was younger.  Matter of fact I used to think I was psychic....maybe I am?

But I digress. That is a different story for another day.  It was just quaint that I opened up my main log in page and I see this:

        "It's usually challenging to slow down enough to explore your feelings, for you often are on to the next thing before you are finished processing the past. However, your key planet Mars is in directionless Pisces now, so you aren't as anxious to go anywhere at all. Luxuriate in the present moment; allow time to wash away any desire you might have to move on right away. You might even enjoy yourself once you get the hang of it."

I Think that is pretty fitting for the occasion.

I guess I do need to take time for myself and indulge myself for a little bit.  Work doesn't really allow me to at the moment, but I think it's time I take a few days off and maybe take a little trip somewhere.


  1. Bummer man. Sorry to hear, but you'll bounce right back in no time.

  2. Agreeing with ThingsIThinkAbout. I just entered a new relationship after a terrible breakup.

  3. Thank you everyone... means a lot =)

  4. its rough man but time goes on. cool blog btw

  5. You'll get through it. Things happen for a reason. (Insert cliche lost love quote) Do what you love and try and press on.

  6. sucks bro. Happens to us all. You'll do ok.

    Good luck and feel better.

  7. Isolation can be a good thing. If you're not comfortable being alone with your own thoughts, it probably means you need to do some thinking, there may be problems that you're not consciously aware of, etc.