Monday, April 18, 2011

I've been super busy

I guess things are going good if I am busy.  I wish that were the case.

It seems that there is never enough.  There is always something else to do or that needs to be done and it can get over whelming.  I am fine with the the training aspect, except I need to work for myself 100%

I love the fact that I have clients that want me to branch  out, but it's not enough to provide a steady income.

Thus I have created a solution for it =)

I hope and I think.

I am not going to put the details on such a public place, but I know for a fact that the masses will be happy with this, and I have the potential to create a constant client stream =)

Things at the gym are getting hectic.  It seems that the current fitness manager is not doing her job properly and that they are looking for a sub.  Hopefully, I will pick up that FM spot soon.   It would be great to have that management experience and be one step away from being the GM.

I am also studying an advanced personal training course and this should really add to my knowledge base and help me expand my workout programs.

Anyway, I will keep this update short for now.

Yes! I am still alive!

I just have a lot more on my plate than I planned for =)

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