Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is a protein shake really necessary?

The short answer: Yes.

A protein shake will give you a high amount of protein with only a
small amount of calories. It is essential to have
a good amount of protein intake in order to get the maximum results.
An individual should consume about 0.8 grams of protein
for every pound they weigh. However, keep in mind this is assuming
that you are working out, and the ideal time to consume
a protein shake would be post workout.

If you were to consume a chicken breast, it would have approximately
250 Calories and 14G or protein. A protein shake (depending on the
type) will have about 260 Calories and 48G or protein. A person would
have to consume 3 chicken breasts to attain a similar amount of
protein, but now they are also consuming 750 calories!

Furthermore a protein shake can provide you with essential vitamins
and minerals you may be missing as well as a load of

I hope that answers that question!


  1. Always like to have a shake after my workout, and maybe some time in the day as a "snack" if I don't feel like I've had enough protein that day

    Cool post, love people blogging about stuff that interests me

  2. I've heard differing and well argued viewpoints on this. Part of the issue is that while protein shakes obviously are the best way to get more protein, the body can't actually make use of it. Most people get all they need (including for exercise) from their normal diet.
    Having said that, whatever works for you personally!

  3. @Thirteen.. .I agree that people can get their nutrients from a normal diet. Unfortunately, most people's "normal" diets are terrible.

    Furthermore, a protein shake is a SUPPLEMENT, and should be used as such; NOT as a replacement.

  4. I understand what you mean Thirteen, but when they say some people get all they need and the rest is just wasted. Most people don't have the perfect diets that they should. The average diet probably consists of 60-80g of protein a day where they need 150+ if they're serious about gaining muscle.

  5. I always use protein shaker if i want to add it to my smoothie for power protein meal (like peanut butter added to smoothie along with vanilla protein shaker)

    oh god it tastes so fuckin good! but alas, protein is used to repairing your muscle tissues..so it's good to use sometimes! Not all the times, man.

    Btw great blog! Keep on writing and check out my blog as well! :)

  6. Yeah man, You have to make sure you're using a protein that the body actually uses. Some whey proteins actually get stored in your tissue as reserves instead of being used. You can tell if this is happening if you stand under a UV light and see a load of white areas on your skin, hair and nails. It's happened to me at a club... it was pretty weird.

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